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“...and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

We equip women to grow into who God created them to be by providing skills training, employment opportunities, counseling, and resources to pursue God’s calling on their life.

Career Development Program

89% of women in the adult entertainment industry, when asked, said they wanted to escape, but felt they had no other means for survival. This statistic indicates to us that there are thousands of women who do not have the resources necessary to make the change they want to make in their life. So what happens when they are offered a viable alternative? It gives them hope.

God made a way for us to launch a Career Development Program (CDP) to offer women the opportunity to experience the life-changing love and grace of Jesus, increase their emotional, physical, educational, spiritual, and financial stability, and gain the life and job skills training necessary to function and retain meaningful employment. The program is 30 hours/week for 14 months and each woman in the program receives an hourly wage for her time spent working in the classroom and in job training. This model provides the time and space necessary to heal, stabilize, and make a plan for their lives while surrounded by a gospel-centered community.

Our Approach

Throughout the time that a woman is part of the CDP community, our goal is to intentionally engage, empower, and equip her through our holistic trauma-informed, mission-focused, excellent, and collaborative efforts.

Counseling & Case Management

Each woman enrolled in the CDP is offered the opportunity to stabilize and heal through professional and trauma-informed counseling and case management.


We offer a safe, accepting, and gospel-centered community within which women have the space and support they need to heal from their past and to grow into healthier patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Life & Job Skills

Specialized classes, on-the-job training, career mentoring, and externship opportunities are offered to equip women with the life and job skills needed to succeed.

Sponsor a Woman through the Program

Each woman receives a living wage for the hours she spends in the classroom and in job training. She also receives counseling, case management, and all the curriculum and supplies she needs. Providing any level of sponsorship enables us to employ and equip more women. If you are interested in sponsoring a woman through the program, please contact us or make a gift today!


Classes include Life Skills, Boundaries, Christianity, Job Skills, Finance, Recovery,  Health & Fitness, Computer Literacy, & Parenting

Provide Meals

Provide lunch for the women in the program one day per month!


Commit to walk alongside one of the women in the program, providing friendship,
godly counsel, and prayer.

Plan Events

If you love planning events, help us celebrate holidays, birthdays, sobriety dates, graduations, etc. 


If you are a professional counselor and desire to be part of the stabilization and healing process, get in touch with our team today!


If you are a business owner or are employed by an organization that is open to offering entry-level internships for women to practice essential job skills, contact us to see how we can partner!

Get in touch with the Director!

Cathy Williams

Career Development Program Director