“GO therefore and make disciples of all nations..."

SINCE 2008

Since its beginning, Scarlet Hope has been serving home-cooked meals in strip clubs weekly and building relationships with the women who work there. Our aim is to share the hope and love of Jesus with every person we encounter. We do not go to judge or shame, but to offer hope through faith in Jesus. We desire every woman to know her inherent value as an image-bearer of God. Our mission is the driving force behind all that we do. We continue to expand our efforts to reach more women wherever they are, and we trust God to lead us to them because He loves them!


It takes an army of volunteers to carry out our weekly outreach efforts. Prayerfully consider if God is calling you to get involved in Outreach. Some are called to go, others are called to pray,  others are called to cook and provide the supplies!

Get Involved

Strip Club Outreach

We bring home-cooked meals into strip clubs weekly to share the hope and love of Jesus.

Massage Parlor Outreach

Based on our strip club outreach model, we also serve women working in illegal massage parlors.

Street Outreach

We go to the streets to tell women God loves them and sees them. We offer a rose, prayer, and resources.

Text Outreach

We utilize software that allows us to text women who have ads posted on sex-for-sale websites. We offer community and resources and tell them someone cares about them.

Jail Outreach

We offer life skills classes and Bible studies to provide support and community to women in jail.

Hope for Her

We provide weekly programming to provide care and resources for the women we serve. Learn more!

Sponsor a Week of Outreach

The average weekly cost for Outreach is $40.
$40 provides for the supplies and ingredients necessary to carry the hope and love of Jesus
all across Louisville. Make a gift today!

Sponsor a Gift Drop

Every major holiday, we take 300-400 gifts to adult entertainment establishments throughout the city to cultivate our relationships even further. You can help by donating monetarily or in-kind. Learn more about our Adopt-A-Club Program!

Outreach Team

Strip Club/Massage Parlor/Street
Thursdays Day/Night

Prayer Team

While teams go out, pray!
Thursdays Day/Night

Cooking Team

Join a rotation to drop off meals or cook on-site!
Thursdays Day/Night


Our Hope for Her Program is an extension of Outreach designed for those who are seeking a safe community to grow and heal. Not everyone is called to Outreach, so if you are more interested in the discipleship phase, read more here!