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R was raised in a Christian home. She grew up going to church, knowing all the right answers, and how to act the part.

As she got older, she began making life decisions that didn’t align with her parents’ beliefs. Eventually, her father disowned her, and R was no longer welcome at her church.

Years later, R is still searching for affection and love. She still craves love and acceptance from her father. She continues striving to act the way she believes a Christian should act, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t find rest. Her father’s rejection has left her broken and without hope.

By God’s grace, R met a Christian who told her the truth of the Gospel. She told her that God, R’s Heavenly Father, loves her unconditionally, despite her sin, and He will never disown her. She doesn’t have to earn His love or strive for His acceptance because God loved her first when He sent Jesus to die on the cross for her sins. And that is her only hope.

Our vision at Scarlet Hope is to engage women in the adult entertainment industry with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching them that salvation is found in Christ alone. Through holistic care and gospel-centered career development, our vision is to see every woman know her identity in Christ and follow after Jesus, making disciples that make disciples.

Scarlet Hope believes that discipleship means walking alongside someone, day in and day out. At times it is sharing a meal. Other times it is a deep, spiritual conversation. More often than not, it is a slow, painful process of going through the ups and downs of life with someone while continuously reminding her of the hope found in Jesus.

Our prayer is that through faithful discipleship, more and more women will realize their only hope is in Jesus. When asked where she found her hope, one friend answered, “I found hope in myself, plain and simple; in what I could do, how I looked, how others perceived me, etc. God opened my eyes, and I now find hope in who Christ is, His finished work on the cross, His beauty, and His sanctifying love.”

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