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A miracle is a miracle no matter the shape or size; No one can determine or define what can or cannot be a miracle.  In the United States, a cool drink of water is always near. In third-world countries, many people have perished while seeking to quench their thirst.  When the needs of suffering people are satisfied with things that others take for granted, it can be called a miracle.


For decades, the desire to be free of the sex industry laid heavily within my heart.  I vividly remember my first night over forty years ago in what we recognize today as, “trafficked.”  But I shall never forget my last day there nearly ten years ago as “freedom.”

Near the end of this journey, I prayed for a way out never to return as I did over and over again thinking that is all that I was worth. I attempted everything one could imagine to escape the hold it had over me.  So by then, I was in need of a miracle to deliver me from death. I had learned to pray and seek out God’s promises, so with tears of hope I began to pray for what seemed the impossible while surviving the unbelievable.

And just when I set aside all I had hoped for, to do what was expected of me, some very brave women came into my life. In the middle of the club, the very place I was working in, they prayed with me. “Pray! In here? No way!” I thought.  It was undoubtedly a miracle. They carried with them the love, hope, and redemption of Christ and came walking boldly within the very place I dreaded. It was the work of God who hears our prayers and answers them when we least expect it.

Up until then, I thought I had seen, survived and lived it all. I was called out by Jesus, our Savior, and Redeemer. In all my days, I had never experienced anything like it and I remain amazed to this very day.

In the midst of darkness, God’s people stand out. Bold love overtakes the darkness. Love does not hide beneath a rock but stands in the midst of hate and radiates. This is my miracle and I still live it today.  What the women did for Jesus that day, who came for me, carried the same message that has been told for thousands of years. What a miracle it is. I can still remember my first day in the industry as a little girl, but I will never forget the day freedom came in the way of a miracle.

I now pray for those who also long for a miracle and comfort those who have been delivered while living out Romans 8:28.

From the desk of a Blessed Woman

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