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Dear God,

I just read over the prayer requests for last week at Scarlet Hope and my heart is heavy, eyes full of tears. The hurts, skewed perceptions of truth, and bad decisions. Some weeks I stare at the email header… unable to open it because of the pain hidden behind that electronic barrier. Then I remember the volunteers that reach out to these women every week and the coward must be put to shame, and I open them, with a new tear over each one of these women and men.

You were well aware long before this email was sent. Michael the Archangel doesn’t step into the throne room each day and pronounce, “Yes Lord, it was a rough week for Dancer X…Y…Z…and all three A’s. Would you please bless them Lord?”, turning to walk away. Holy laughter would thunder in heaven if this were to happen.

God, you are there with Dancer E, as she retreats to deep places within herself from the church ladies. Pit lies mentally replay, her past convincing her the thoughts are real, reinforcing her withdrawal further still. God you are there with Manager T as she lays awake all night, unable to trust that life is safe enough for sleep, her body and mind are slowly destroyed with her hypervigilance to escape lifelong dangers. God you are there with Dancer M who was beaten and left like an animal. Your heart breaks for her, as you breathe into her to please come back to you.

Father God, let me praise you for your greatness that is witnessed by each dancer such as Bartender H who peered into hearts of your love and stepped out with courage for that same love. Great is your faithfulness!

Humbly submitted, Angela Clevenger

Scarlet Hope

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