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Dear friends,

Scarlet Hope just finished hosting its 3rd annual HEELED Conference and it was another great year! We were thrilled to see God move as we worshipped, trained, prayed, and networked together.

The HEELED Conference was created to equip, train, and encourage men and women who are bringing the hope and love of Jesus Christ into the adult entertainment industry all across the country. Over the years we have seen firsthand how hard this type of ministry can be and how quickly people get burned out. Having good accountability, healthy boundaries, and a connection to a local church are essential, but sometimes we need even more.

At the HEELED Conference, we gathered together as a group of God-followers who have all been given a similar passion and been called into the same type of ministry. It was a very unique opportunity for us to swap stories, give personal counsel and advice, and encourage one another.

During our main sessions we got to hear from two of my fellow co-laborers in ministry, Christa Hicks and Jeff Shaw. Christa and Jeff are both founders and directors of ministries for women in the adult entertainment industry. Christa’s ministry is Into the Jordan in Fort Myers, Florida and Jeff’s is Out of Darkness in Atlanta, Georgia. Their passion for this type of ministry was contagious and it was a privilege to hear from them. We were also honored to have Brian and Kim Tabor lead us in worship throughout the conference.

During the days of the conference we attended various breakout sessions. Conference guests could choose from a variety of sessions such as Caring for Women Pre- and Post- Abortion, Pornography and Its Ties to the Sex Industry, Transitional Living Programs, Training Up Volunteers, and much more. It was our goal and intention that by attending these breakout sessions, guests would leave the conference with an even greater understanding and knowledge of how to care for women who have been exploited by the adult entertainment industry.

At this year’s conference we had people from Iowa, West Virginia, Canada, and Puerto Rico, just to name a few. It was absolutely amazing to hear what God is doing all over the world. Contrary to what it may sometimes feel like, God is actively involved and lovingly present in the adult entertainment industry. He is using ordinary people like us to do His extraordinary work. It was such a unique and wonderful experience to gather together in one place and be reminded of this marvelous Truth!

This conference is worth every bit of work that goes into it. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


Rachelle Starr


Scarlet Hope

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