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God grows things organically at Scarlet Hope. A corporate mentality does not exist here when it comes to vision; where God says “Go!” is where this ministry, well, goes!

When God revealed to us that He wanted a more intentional and deeply relational focus of pouring into our ladies, Scarlet Hope went to work. A weekly day of programming was developed and aptly named Day of Hope. Club 0 provides support and biblical awareness to many every week. Day of Hope was smaller, allowing care to be more individualized, more like Jesus did with His disciples (Matt. 17:1, et al).

The day was structured with an opening devotional then lunch together- thank you Miss Margaret for your devoted service every 1st, 3rd, and 5th weeks! Lunches were also generously provided by Simply Thai, Mark’s Feed Store, and Penn Station Subs. This was followed by life skills training with classes such as managing finances (thank you Riverbend Financial Group). Interactive healthy cooking classes were brought by Dare to Care- complete with the recipes created that day being sent home with our ladies each week, with the ingredients to make the recipes! Other life skills such as parenting were coached.

Biblical application study was next on our agenda with our ladies citing a favorite of The Case for Christ. We ended our days with recreation, because enjoying recreation is a new concept to many of the women we serve. It may have been walking to Comfy Cow for ice-cream, visiting a local park or art museum- a particular favorite past-time, or making a facial mask while learning that we are to face the world with who we really are. One thing was always guaranteed- loads of fun memories- good times- and vast amounts of laughter never failed to be part of the mix!

It’s hard to say all that this program encompassed in a single blog post. I watched women, friends I love, grow! Grow in learning who they are and whose they are. They are well on their way to living out the divine plan and purpose God has for their precious lives (Jer. 29:11; 1 Cor. 2:9, et al). Could there possibly be a better way to spend a day…?


“Jesus’ leadership strategy evidently worked well. Within a generation, His followers turned the world upside down.” Michael Hyatt[1]

[1] https://michaelhyatt.com/the-leadership-strategy-of-jesus.html

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