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Oswald Chambers touches the heart when he speaks of the purity of spirit. He explains that this isn’t innocence, rather, it is unblemished. Can we remain untarnished in our spirit? We are, after all, human. We have to be careful not to use that as an excuse to place too much distance between ourselves and our God.

Chambers explains that we have our inner court to guard and our outer court. The inner sanctum is our vertical connection to Christ. The outer courts are our external selves- and this is where we can fall into impurity- quickly. One way to maintain integrity in our outer courts is to see others as God sees them.

David also spoke to purity of spirit,

Vindicate me, Lord,
because I have lived with integrity
and have trusted in the Lord without wavering.
Test me, Lord, and try me;
examine my heart and mind. Psalm 26:1-2 HCSB


            “Sincerity means that the appearance and the reality are exactly the same.” Oswald Chambers, Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, 1449.



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