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Have you ever been to Israel? I haven’t, but I sure want to! A friend is there right now and I was just talking to the Lord about it. “Father keep her and her husband safe, saturate her with You in a fresh way so her ministry can be enriched by it- oh and Abba… I so want to walk where Jesus walked, so please help me to not covet her experience.”

Ok, so He knew I was being facetious about the last part, somewhat. But this was His response, “Child, you do walk where I walked every time you engage with one of the women served by Scarlet Hope.” Let us never forget whose footsteps we walk in with this ministry. Be it as an outreach member, cook, mentor, Bible study leader, day program volunteer, prayer warrior, donor, or maintenance team member- you are walking as Jesus walked and living as Jesus lived (1 Jn 2:6).

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