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Meet Kenna! She is the head pastry chef at Scarlet’s Bakery. We are so thankful to have her on our team!

As head pastry chef, she is in charge of the kitchen and front of house, menu development, and specialty decorating needs for weddings and other events. Obviously she wears many hats. She loves her role because it combines creativity and working under pressure. Not just anyone could do her job. She believes God prepared her for this opportunity.

Her family raised her with the desire to help others no matter what field you are in. A defining moment for Kenna was while she was in college doing an internship in Mexico. Through that time, she had to lean on God and seek His will rather than leaning on her own logic. After the internship, she made the decision to switch her major to work in the food industry. She graduated with a culinary degree from Sullivan desiring to use her career path in a way that would help people.

A year and a half ago, she started offering her experience volunteering in the development stages of Scarlet’s Bakery. So she has been a part of this journey since it’s early days. She was drawn to this ministry because it directly invests in the lives of women in our community. This is an important value to her.

In case you’re wondering, her favorite bakery sweet treats are the almond croissant and the classic chocolate chip cookie. We pray God continues to bless Kenna in the work she does here!20160826_193159

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