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We peel onions at Scarlet Hope, food onions and people onions. Peeling onions can be messy business. Imagine the results if you started digging into peeling an onion using only your fingers. Your onion would not look like much and I question the ability to use it, the remains would just be a mess on the counter. Mission work is a lot like peeling onions. It is like peeling onions because it can be messy, smelly.

Too often we want to rush through the layers of the women we serve and get to the core…that tiny dry piece of the onion that if left undamaged by our overzealous efforts to get there, can be planted and reproduce another onion- fruit (Jn 4: 28-30). And when that happens- and praise God that it does- the smell surpasses the sweetest rose.






[1] https-//www.onions-usa.org/all-about-onions/history-of-onions


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