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We are so excited about our 2nd annual HEELED Conference happening in one month on August 19th and 20th!

Nearly every single week it is brought to our attention that there are ministries and churches all across the country doing similar work to Scarlet Hope. Our vision for the HEELED Conference is to bring these organizations together in one room and praise God for what He’s doing in strip clubs all across the nation. We pray that the HEELED Conference will be a time to unite men and women from different cities, backgrounds, and denominations and bring us under one ultimate goal: to see every single woman in the adult entertainment industry come to know the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

In addition to hearing from God’s Word, singing songs of praise and worship, and spending time praying for and with one another, we have also worked vigorously to make this a time of beneficial training and equipping. From sessions on working with sex trafficking victims to working with women who struggle with substance abuse or have undergone extreme childhood trauma, conference guests will leave with an even greater understanding on how to care for women who have been exploited by the adult entertainment industry.

Every day we at Scarlet Hope thank God for calling us to this challenging, worthwhile ministry. But we do so with humble hearts, knowing that we can’t possibly do this on our own and also knowing that there is always more we can learn and grow in.

If you are a ministry or church working with exploited women, we invite you to join us for this special, one-of-a-kind conference. We invite you to stand united with likeminded brothers and sisters and let’s equip and encourage one another. For more information, visit www.scarlethopenetwork.org.

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