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Will you go seek the lost?

Yes! I’ve always liked risks.

Would you do the same when you return home?

That would be cool!

This will require sticking to it for the long haul.

Whoa! Wait a second.

I’m not so sure that is what I signed up for.

Let me think about it some more.

This was the ongoing dialogue between heaven and my soul about three years ago as I served with Scarlet Hope Louisville and participated in their National Strip Club Outreach Training. I felt myself balk at that last point—the commitment level required—and my commendable “passion” suddenly die down, shown to be the temporary flame of infatuation that it was, not to mention all the Moses-like excuses about my inadequacies swirling around in my head.

But the tide turned. It was never that I necessarily felt called or that a certain burden for these women filled my heart. It was rather that I reached the definitive conclusion that there was no other righteous option. Seared indelibly into my mind is the image of a blood-stained pair of polka-dot pajamas no bigger than a seven-year-old might wear.   Given that glimpse of the evil at work in the world, how could I not join the fight?

I’ll go!

And I will take care of the laborers and the all the rest.

We are Scarlet Hope Reno!

Scarlet Hope

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