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I have been volunteering for Scarlet Hope at Club Zero for about a year now and would like to share with you something that surprised me from day one. When I walked in the door for the first time God impressed on me to be a Giver and not a Taker. I had never experienced an adult relationship before in which I had no expectations of the other person AT ALL.  So, when I showed up that first night I knew I was experiencing something supernatural. It was like my problems, my expectations, my needs fell off of me as I walked through the door every Thursday, by the grace of God. It was freeing. My tendency to judge, criticize and advise was extinguished by God’s love and patience for the ladies (His children). I wanted to serve and give.

Still, I cry as I write this. I have never really thought this through before and just realized that I’m still the Taker. I will always be the Taker. Because God will always be the Giver. We are nothing without Him. That is something I am reminded of when I serve the women of Scarlet Hope. I’d love to encourage others with this passage from my study Bible about one of the names of God. It says:

“In every instance in the King James Version, Shaddai is translated Almighty. It is God (El), not as the source of strength but of grace; not as Creator, but as the Giver. Shaddai is the All-bountiful. This title does not refer to His creative power, but to His power to supply all the needs of His people.”
Wow! Heaven knows my needs are great! He knows all our needs! Thank you El Shaddai! I am once again overwhelmed by You!
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