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Many women in the adult entertainment industry are single moms. Almost all of the women we care for in our ministry programs have more than one child. Many moms in the adult entertainment industry struggle to provide for their children. Poverty and single parenthood combined are a major factor leading or keeping women in the adult entertainment industry.

One of our ladies who has participated in our ministry for many years says, “I always did whatever I had to do to provide for my kids.” Having to take care for herself at age 14 along with getting pregnant, led to her first job in a strip club.

However, children can also become a great motivator for change. Another one of our ladies shares that she never felt fully ready to change the direction of her life until she became a mother. Having a child helped her to see beyond herself and her circumstances. She was able to understand God’s unconditional love for her even more through parenting her child. She also realized how much she wanted to stop the cycles she was witnessing in her family and repeating in her own life so that it did not continue for her child.

Our ladies are loving moms. We are seeing as they grow in Christ they are also learning to lead their families more effectively. Last month at our Day of Hope program, many ladies graduated from an 8-week parenting class. They were equipped with knowledge and resources. This class also offered support. The ladies loved the chance to share their personal struggles openly and ask hard questions. When we presented certificates to them at the end of the teaching series, they were so excited and proud of what they accomplished!

One of our moms said about being a mom, “It is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs in the world.” Another mom told us that her kids are her highest priority. She wants to see them have the opportunities she didn’t have. These moms are changing for the better, not just for themselves but because of their love for their children.

Happy Mother’s Day, from Scarlet Hope!

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