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My name is Rachel Eichberger and I am the Director of Business Development for the bakery we will be opening later this year! I am so excited to be a part of Scarlet Hope and the mission of sharing the love of Jesus with those in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

So why am I signing on for this new phase at Scarlet Hope? My passion and goal is to glorify God through “Business as Missions”. The bakery will be a perfect way to serve the ladies from Scarlet Hope and the community through a retail business while sharing the hope of Jesus. Many of the individuals that Scarlet Hope serves rely on the Adult Entertainment Industry for their income and have had little (or no) training in other professions. This creates a financial hardship when the ladies choose to leave their current lifestyle behind. Scarlet’s Bakery will be an amazing opportunity for ladies to learn new, transferrable skills so that they can become financially independent and no longer reliant on the sex industry.

Bringing people together for meals is a wonderful way to cross boundaries like culture, gender and even age… I LOVE creating delicious food to share with others! My business background started at the University of Louisville where I graduated with a degree in Finance. I then became a Business Banker in Louisville and this allowed me to understand and serve several businesses in different industries. After banking I joined the development office in a local non profit fighting poverty. Both of these opportunities helped develop my skills in building relationships through sales and also in understanding the operational needs and processes of a profitable business.

I am SO excited to be a part of this new opportunity and look forward to serving you wonderful treats to help serve the ladies of Scarlet Hope!

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