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It’s finally March, which means slowly but surely the snow will begin to melt and our beloved Kentucky bluegrass will start to reveal itself. It’s also an exciting time for our city as we celebrate the Kentucky Derby.

For most people, the Kentucky Derby means horses, fancy hats, and fireworks. But unfortunately, for some this will be a much darker time.

According to Kentucky State Police, sex trafficking is one of Kentucky’s fastest growing crimes. While it is nearly impossible to gather substantial evidence of a correlation between sex trafficking and the Derby, we do know the facts. The fact is that sex trafficking is a demand-driven industry, so when there are large masses of people gathered together for an event (like the Super Bowl, Olympics, and the Kentucky Derby), there is a high demand. Traffickers, pimps, and prostitutes all know this, and all expect to make a lot of money during Derby.

This can make us angry. We can mourn for these broken men and women. But these truths should also move us to action.

At Scarlet Hope, we long to not only raise awareness about the truths surrounding sex trafficking, but we long to pray for these men and women and ultimately have the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus with them.

You can be a part of this exciting journey.

Would you consider joining us for our Women’s Tea fundraiser on April 11th from 10:30-12:00? This will be a special time for women from different churches and backgrounds to gather together to eat good food and listen to Scarlet Hope founder and director, Rachelle Starr, speak about sex trafficking and what the ministry intends to do about this growing problem in Kentucky.

Please join us.

For more information and to purchase tickets to this event, please visit https://louisville.scarlethope.org/womens-tea/.

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