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I always say that food is everyone’s love language. It breaks down barriers and brings people together. For whatever reason, sharing a meal together just opens up the door for friendship and communication to grow. Every week, Scarlet Hope serves between 250 and 300 meals. On top of that, we operate a food pantry and often cook for special events. We have experienced first hand that feeding a body can open the door to feed the soul with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our living bread that will never leave us hungry.   Though our means of serving vary, they all have several things in common:

  • The Lord’s provision. It’s incredible to see how literally our every food need is provided for. He alone feeds both the stomach and the soul, and He gives us the opportunity to share that with the women we are serving. It’s because of CHRIST that these meals exist. It’s because of Christ that we go into the clubs, and it’s because of Christ that we live and breathe.
  • The Lord has also been faithful to bring us the most amazing volunteers! Every week they lovingly prepare a meal to be served in the clubs as well as at our Thursday night programing. They prepare food with the love of Christ, using their time and unique gifting.
  • Food donations. Because of amazing partner organizations, partner churches, and individual donors, we are able to keep our food pantry and kitchen stocked.

Our cooking volunteers are precious and essential! Oftentimes we meet people who want to get involved but are not able to serve in our outreach or discipleship programs.

Our cooking team is a great way to serve Christ and Scarlet Hope at your own commitment level. If you are interested in getting involved please e-mail courtney@louisville.scarlethope.org

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