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We thought we’d take some time to take a look back over this last year.   To see God’s provisions and how He has advanced the ministry in our city.

In January 2010 we had roughly 12 ladies on our outreach team and we were serving in 3 clubs.    Over the next 11 months God would bring 32 more people to our outreach team serving  Clubs 3,4 in March 2010, Club 6 in June, Club 7,8 in September, and Clubs 9 and 10 in December!    That is incredible growth for one year!    It is without a doubt that God’s hand was in this.   It was not by our own doings, but by His!    The year 2010 ended with 10 full time, committed clubs we served!

In March of this year we received our official 501c3 non-profit status!

We had two events this past year:

Golf Scramble raising $1200.00.   Our Gala in October raised Scarlet Hope $68,000!!    That is a miracle!   A blessing beyond words.

We received a $15,000 donation for vehicle use only.   This donation has helped give away donated vehicles to women who are leaving the sex industry.   We have given away approximately 12 vehicles this year alone!

Dancers attending churches grew from 1 or 2 each week to 15 -20 every single week.

The number of dancers that have left this industry is estimated to be between 45-60 dancers!   Most of which we have regular communication with every week.

One of the most amazing testimony’s of God’s love and faithfulness is the lives of Casey, Dawne, and Nicole who gave their life to the Lord this year and were baptized into Christ!    Many more gave rededicated their lives to the Lord, seeking and learning what His will is for their life.

We started a dancer/team bible study on Thursday nights and it has taken off immensely!

The amount of volunteers and prayer warriors God has brought to this team has grown as well!   It is a steady growth..one that we pray continues.

Our cooks alone in the year 2010 prepared an estimated 6,880 meal servings of food and dessert!!!  That is incredible.   Most all of the food in the year 2010 was completely donated to this ministry!!  Isn’t God amazing!  Thank you sisters and brothers for serving Scarlet Hope in this way!   We can’t thank you enough!

We really could go on and on about the amazing things God has done…but we know that God has it all written down in history!    We look forward to another amazing year in 2011!

Thank you each for your continued prayer and support for this ministry.

We ask for your continued prayers about a building for Scarlet Hope.  We have not heard about the home that we spoke of recently, but should hear something soon.  So please keep praying for that.

Serving an Amazing King.

The Scarlet Hope Team~

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