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Wow, has God ever blessed the work going on through Scarlet Hope. Every time we turn around something amazing is happening all around us! It’s so awesome to see God’s glory like that.

I received a call sometime two weeks ago and Teresa Bachman was on the other end of the line. Our conversation went something like this… ” Rachelle this is Teresa Bachman, I am calling to see if Scarlet Hope has any use for a donated 15 passenger mid-bus” …Rachelle, “ARE YOU KIDDING?!!! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!! Yayaya!!” and the excitement went on and on.   Thank you to Southeast for putting such a wonderful word in for our ministry.

We are so blessed to receive such a wonderful gift from Steve and Teresa Bachman!! Thank you beyond words!

What does Scarlet Hope plan to do with the bus, you may ask??

First, our team of ladies pick up women all over Louisville every single Sunday morning to bring them and their families to church. Most of them don’t have transportation. With the Lord’s help we pray that the bus is packed every single Sunday!!!

Secondly, the bus will be used for transporting our massive amount of food containers each week for outreach!! We are so excited about this expansion, it makes room not only for the 10 clubs we serve each week, but the 17 other’s that God is preparing us for!!!!

Thirdly, Scarlet Hope is blessed by this because God has plans that are unknown at this time. We have all sorts of outreach ideas to this community of men, women and children that we serve and having a reliable means to do them will make it even more of a blessing!!!

We are so thankful for your prayers. Every single day the Lord is doing so many incredible things! We hope and pray you feel blessed by watching God work through the ministry of Scarlet Hope!!!

All Glory to God!!

The Scarlet Hope Team!

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