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Week of November 4th 2010

Team: Sarah & Valerie

Some new faces greeted us with smiles last night as we walked in Club 7. The bartender and bouncer were kind and thankful as usual and the girls were very excited about breakfast for dinner! The very first night that we walked in the club we met a dancer ~S~ but have not seen her since. She recognized us and said she was usually on day-shift, but is working nights to stay away from the shady motel that she is in for the time being. She is looking for a place to live by herself because her roomie wasn’t working out.

A new dancer T was not enjoying her first night in the club. She is 19 and was kicked out of her home recently. she is trying to make some extra money in the clubs (she already works for UPS)to find a place to live. She currently lives with a friend. Valerie is going to meet up with her later to talk about her living arrangements and see if we can help her find another job to work along with UPS so she can bring in some extra money. She and her boyfriend are members at two different churches downtown and alternate every other Sunday to attend with each other. She is really sweet and we hope she isn’t in the clubs much longer!

We met ~S~ last week and she is a 38-year old mother of 2. She used to dance back in her twenties and no longer wants to work in the clubs. She wants to be the football booster mom, room parent, PTO at school…………but not a dancer, not anymore. She had a job interview at a local company and if her background check comes back clean – she will be done in the clubs and start her orientation next Tuesday!! She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. She asked for prayer for her ailing mother and her two sick kids. Both kids have had strep throat in tha lst week and it cost ~S~ over $300 for doctor visits and medication. Please pray that her kids stay well!

-Sarah F.


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